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July 05, 2022


Hi, Seymour. To clarify a few points in what you referenced, Eddie Tipton did not work at the Iowa Lottery. He worked for a vendor organization within the lottery industry. The Iowa Lottery is the entity that noticed something was amiss with the jackpot claim attempt here in Iowa. We alerted investigators that something appeared to be amiss and ensured that the perpetrators were brought to justice. We did not pay the jackpot that the group was attempting to claim in Iowa. The prize involved ultimately was unclaimed and the money involved went back to the states in the game at the time. We gave away our portion of that money in a promotion for players years ago.

Tibbett's out of prison? so we started the lotto America game because an employee, Tibbett's ripped every Iowan off in the Hot Lotto game so they started this Lotto America. Time served for Tibbett's, however time was not served to the Iowa players who were asked to fill out claim forms that were never processed and this whole thing swept under the Rug, but back in the news again reminding us how we were misled by the Iowa lottery, we were robbed, by the Iowa lottery employee, and still no recourse for the players who were PAYING TO WIN and were robbed. Just like Lotto America, the jack pot is very high, just like Hot Lotto the higher the jackpot the more we VIP lottery players paid into the Hot Lotto in hopes our dreams would come true, but the only dreams that came true was Iowa lottery who profited off our money we spent to be robbed and cheated out of the Hot lotto jackpot to be given this game of Lotto America, but where is the Iowa Lottery's payment to their VIP players over this hot lotto scam that we were scammed by and lost money on?

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