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October 03, 2022


Hi, Richard. You are right that it can be tempting to look for conspiracies in this world. But in the case of Lotto America, it's simply a matter of random numbers being selected in the game's drawings, which so far in this particular jackpot run, have not matched all six numbers on any tickets purchased in the game. The Lotto
America drawing equipment is completely separate from the lottery terminals and self-service kiosks that generate plays in the game. Someone will win the jackpot, it's just a matter of when!

Yes the way that Lotto America is going it reminds me of the 16 million mysterious winner on Hot Lotto and what that investigation uncovered. I thought procedures were in place for that to not happen anymore it seems odd that Lotto America can go such long stretches without a winner especially if the numbers are truly randomly generated and they are not reading numbers that have been sold before they generate the winning numbers. ???

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