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November 17, 2022


Hi, Kevin. All the world loves a conspiracy, doesn't it? But in this case, I can tell you that Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus. Because the free plays were being generated with each 5th ticket purchased statewide in Lotto America. The promotion ended on Friday, so it is no longer in effect.

The free 5th ticket promo should be set up to issue a free play on a $5 purchase to encourage players to spend $5. But then is the system really issuing a free play on every 5th play or is it actually more like every 50th or 500th play?? No way for players to know.
When a player makes the decision to play lotto we are "gambling" and that includes trusting the honesty of the Iowa Lottery? As long as the lotto numbers are electronically picked I will always feel like it may be rigged to not pick all of the numbers on any tickets issued so no top prize is paid. Maybe not, but definitely possible. I still Thank Eddie Tipton for proving that "funny business" is possible as long as electronic draws are the method of choosing the #s. Everybody knows the amazing things computers can be programmed to do....
Both Good and Not Good!

Hi, David. The answer to your question is in the details of the blog entry: "Remember that it’s not every fifth ticket purchased from a specific lottery terminal or kiosk that's eligible for a free play. It’s every fifth ticket purchased statewide, so the free-play bonus will hit in stores all across Iowa during the next eight days." At the same time that you were buying your five plays, other players in other retail locations also were purchasing tickets. The bonus hit in another store at that time. There are lottery terminals in more than 2,500 retail locations in Iowa, so plays are being purchased in many different spots at the same time. Buying five tickets in a row does not guarantee that you will receive a bonus play.

My second post and still no reply..??Iowa lottery.??

I bought 5 plays for one drawing with the extra this Sunday morning today 11/20_22 and did not get a free ticket..?? Could you please help me to understand that..??

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