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December 06, 2022


The time period to select the payment option for the Lotto America jackpot should also be 180 days.

Hi, everyone. Appreciate you sharing your thoughts regarding the upcoming change to the claim period. As I had said in an earlier comment, we anticipate that the change will be made in March, and we'll have more information as that time comes closer. Regarding the idea of some tickets never expiring, that concept is not possible from a security or an I.T. perspective. Lottery equipment today can't process plays from years ago, so it would not be possible for tickets from the early days of the lottery to even be scanned and paid today. And regarding the question of folks who travel during the winter, a 180-day claim period is essentially six months, so that would still allow plenty of time for someone traveling for just a few months.

I do not like it. We were thinking about heading South, for 3 Months, this change would NOT work for us, because we sometimes buy tickets before we leave.

This is a solution for a problem that doesn’t exist.
There is no benefit to players in this. The reality is it is to make the lottery employees jobs easier.

Iowa is 1 of only 14 lotteries with a 365 day expiration?
So what?
Who should care what anyone else does?
The Iowa Lottery shouldn’t feel it has to follow along and do as everyone else does just to clear up the books six months earlier.

I truly think that a jackpot ticket should never expire, i new a person years ago who had misplaced a ticket worth many 1,000 of dollars and never recovered the ticket before the expiration date had occurred. of course to late to cash the ticket, and to afford to get the better health care and living conditions for a seriously sick relative. I won't say what state this ticket was purchased in.

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