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February 17, 2023


I uncover all the your letters then I use a pen and slash then corresponding letters out. It's cleaner and easier to read

LOVE all these responses about the way you play your tickets! There are no wrong answers to this one. :)

I like to scratch one letter at a time then I go back through and double to make sure that I've scratched the correct letters off. I might go though avthird time before I scratched the corner off to check to see if I'm a loser it's usually because I don't have a date so that's what I do for the weekend after my grandkids leave or while they're sleeping.

I skip all over the ticket and do not scratch them in order.

I first look at the 20 letters then then memorize the 6 that are missing then scan the words 1st horizontally then vertically if I see any of the six letters in the word then I skip that word and go to the next word. If all the letters are missing from a word , I scratch it off.It works very fast for me I always verify my win or loss with the app , in case I made a mistake or missed something.

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