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March 23, 2023


Hi Rose. We are currently working to add the stepdown charts to each of our lotto pages on our website. It will show the breakdown you're looking for.

Hi the when the last step down was going on, posted how it would work week to week. Will you be doing that again? Thanks

Ckeck your #### carefully!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MJC, Ia.

......Continued...... I would like to see a Lotto game that was totally parmutual, the Lottery would be guaranteed a profit no matter how many winners there were and players would split prize levels according to how many winners there were. It's always a Win-Win game for all !!
It could be set up something like this...

I will use $100,000 in ticket sales to keep it easy to follow.

Parmutual means all winners split a total prize level amount...

A simple 5 out of 50 numbers would be the numbers in play,

Jackpot winners split 35% of ticket sales or $35,000 on $100,000 sales
1 Jackpot winner would get $35,000
4 Jackpot Winners would each get $8,750 --- etc.
Un-won Jackpot money rolls over to next draw by each levels percentage.

4 matched out of 5 would split 15% of ticket sales or $15,000
2 winners each get $7,500 --- or -- 5 winners each get $3000 -- etc.

3 matched out of 5 would split 10% of ticket sales or $10,000
20 winners each get $500 --- or --- 40 winners each get $250 -- etc.

2 out of 5 picked would split 10% of ticket sales or $10,000
2000 winners each get $5 --- or --- 5000 winners each $2 --- etc.

The other 30% would go to Lotto expenses and Charitable donations.

As I read the blog I'm noticing players want easier to win better smaller payouts, and this format would be just that.
It would have great odds of winning and the parmutual payouts would generate excitement and drive sales which would increase payouts, especially on weeks the Jackopt money rolls over which would create even more excitement and higher lower payouts!!
It's a Win Win for All !!!

THANK YOU Lori !! For your comment on Lucky 4 Life drawings being shown live and the legitimacy of the these drawings. I've mentioned both in previous blogs and always get a meaningless generic legal sounding answer just like you did.
The fact is that watching numbers pop up on a computer screen wouldn't be very exciting or good for the integrity of the game, and saying it takes place under supervision of security staff and independent auditors don't mean squat! We all know that a computer can easily be programed to do what ever it needs to do to make the game profitable for the Lottery and not have to many jackpot winners that would bankrupt the Lottery. I will again Thank former Lottery employee / computer programmer Eddie Tipton for proving this and spending time in jail when he got caught tipping off friends and family members of numbers that would be coming up in future draws, and JACKPOT, they all won huge amounts of money. To be a truly random draw it should be numbered balls hand drawn by a blindfolded draw person live on TV. No chance of weighted and unweighted balls being blown out of a lottery machine to control the outcome. We must remember that playing lotto is gambling and nothing that I've seen says it's illegal for draw numbers to be manipulated by the lottery. I play Lucky 4 Life daily because of the best odds of any lotto game and enjoy the smaller easy to win prizes. I'd like to see a totally parmutual lotto game with prize levels payed out according to how much money was available from ticket sales and how many winners there are in each prize level.......
to be continued......

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