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March 30, 2023


Hi, Ken. The issue of online gaming is a policy decision for Iowa lawmakers to make. We understand the convenience factor you have cited! Please feel free to contact your local lawmakers to let them know it is something you would like to see in Iowa.

Hi, Loreen. From the situation you described, it sounds like the ticket was printed out, but it was cut in half or something similar. A situation like that would make it difficult to claim the prize, given that the ticket was in multiple pieces. Lottery Security would need to be involved. If the ticket was properly recorded on the lottery's central gaming system, it could win a prize. But given the difficulties involved, I think the retailer did the right thing by not selling the ticket.

I see you answer question on the blog but don’t see where to ask them:

When will Iowans have the ability to buy tickets using the app? So many states already have this luxury.

Was at a retailer yesterday and the machine only printed the top of the ticket , the bottom set of code numbers and below were missing ! If this ticket was purchased and won? Could it have been still cashed in? ( PS retailer did not sell it)

Hi, Marty. That also is for security purposes, as I mentioned in the details about lotto tickets in the blog, The ticket numbers are not part of the play area, so they aren't necessary to show the numbers and symbols involved. We'll continue to provide as much of the ticket images as we can, but some details will need to be redacted for security purposes.

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