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September 07, 2023


I’ve lived in Cedar Rapids Iowa since summer of 2018 and let me say that the winters here are brutal. I’ve witnessed people that’s down on their luck (some longer than others) (I don’t like to say homeless) without coats warm boots gloves hats and scarves. I feel Iowa lottery could use a portion of the unclaimed winnings to purchase items mentioned above for people who are down on their luck. I myself have brought hats coats gloves boots ect and gifted people I see while going back and forth to work.. I don’t have much but I’ve been down on my luck a few times. I went to Eddie Bauer last winter and looked through the clearance section for men coats because I was on the bus and saw this very young man without a coat and boots on one of the coldest days we had. The lady came over to help and asked who’s the lucky guy? I explained and she said come with me… she gifted me a coat that was a return to gift this young man. (Store policy allows this it was damaged on sleeve, the thread was threaded wrong) I cried hard because I was using bill money because I knew I got paid the next week and I could get a week extension but this young man needed the coat now!! The very next day I got on bus with coat in hand and didn’t see him on my way to work but saw him on my way home I gifted him simply by placing the bag next to him and saying I’ve been there. I do this kind of thing often because humanity has been lost and it’s sad that other humans don’t feel it’s their responsibility to help a fellow human. And no I don’t record when I gift I don’t make a scene I do it discreetly. This is just my way of thinking.. that money could be used to help bring humanity back. I pledge my time for this cause if Iowa Lottery wants to do something like this. Just get in contact with me.

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