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October 13, 2023


Hi, Jo. You’ll be able to buy Powerball tickets with the Double Play option in Iowa beginning on Sunday, Nov. 5.

When does the double play start?

Hi, Dave! Thank you for being a plugged-in player! The Power Play option will remain. We know it is popular in the game as well. When Double Play debuts in November, Powerball will have two add-on options: Power Play and Double Play. A Powerball ticket without either option added will cost $2. With the Power Play or Double Play added, a ticket will cost $3. With both options added, a ticket will cost $4. It is your choice as a player how you want to play!

Does the multiplier option then go away? Players who choose the multiplier option already pay $3. If that option remains, will a ticket with both the multiplier and the double play cost $4? Or do you choose one or the other, or neither?

Hi, CJ. I think from your comment that you are asking about the option of being able to purchase lottery tickets online in Iowa. That is a policy decision for our state's lawmakers to make. Please contact your local legislators if that is a priority you would like to share with them.

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